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FROM 5-12 Years 

Attention parents, below are 5 reasons why your child should learn Martial Arts with us!

1. It will help build your child's confidence, making new friends and talking to others, taking part in activities they wouldn't usually do.
2. They will learn discipline, manners & respect. Something which is often missing in today's society.
3. It will help with concentration, which in turn can filter into everyday life and more importantly school work.
4. Improve coordination through the full use of the body. Improving speed, timing and accuracy.
5. They can learn to defend themselves from bullies.

Our lessons are extremely popular with children, mainly because our team of instructors understand that children are not like adults. Their needs are different as are their goals.

We teach our junior lessons with children and their interests in mind.


For your peace of mind as a parent, they also meet the following criteria...


  • Are eighteen years of age.

  • Have achieved a Warriors Kickboxing ‘Black Belt’.

  • Have completed and passed the Warriors Kickboxing ‘Coaching Team Course’.

  • Have completed ‘Instructor Apprenticeship Training’.

  • Hold recognised and up to date ‘First Aid Certificate’.

  • Hold up to date ‘Instructor Indemnity Insurance’.

  • Have undergone an ‘Enhanced CRB Police Check’.

  • Ensure that your child’s safety and well-being are paramount.

• Self-control


• Self-defence

• Self-confidence 


• Fitness & Balance


• Friendly & fun 


Your first lesson is available FREE

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