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At Warriors Kickboxing in Heanor, we welcome the complete beginner, no prior experience is necessary! We have classes for both junior & adult students who wish to learn kickboxing.

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Every Monday Evening

(Heanor, Derbyshire)


venue address

William Gregg VC Leisure centre, Hands Road, Heanor, DE75 7HA


Juniors: 4:45pm-5:45pm, (5 to 12 years)

Juniors: 5:50pm-6:50pm, (5 to 12 years)


Adults: 7:00pm-8:00pm, (From 13 years and over)


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 Learning something new should be fun. With Knee High Ninjas (our junior Kickboxing lessons), learning martial arts is no different. We understand the importance of keeping our lessons exciting. The more exciting and fun, the more likely your child is to enjoy them. Ensuring regular attendance over many of their childhood years.

 Helping them to grow into more confident, stronger, fitter and happy individuals. Within our lessons, we strive to gradually instil life skills into our junior students. Making them aware of how important manners, punctuality and being organised can be in everyday life. We like to think of our students, parents and ourselves as one team. We all work together ensuring we bring the best out of the student.

 Our martial arts lessons give your child the opportunity to engage in physical activity. In a safe and fun environment. Our team of coaches and assistant coaches, work with the juniors to improve their self-esteem. Whilst at the same time teaching them discipline, manners and respect. As well as some very important self-defence skills. Our lessons help children walk with a more positive and confident attitude.

 We don’t condone violence. We ingrain into our students that this is a last resort. A student pledge is spoken out loud as a group before the lesson commences.

 Students also learn that trying hard gets results. With a rewards/merit scheme in place to motivate them week by week.  Along with a grading syllabus, allowing them to have goals and work towards attaining a belt every 3 months. 

 We’re confident your child will love our lessons, but just to make sure, we’ll even throw in a free lesson to help you decide…

Our adult Kickboxing lessons are great for fitness and of course weight loss. But are unlike a lot of the gym based choreographed ‘aerobic’ and ‘boxercise’ lessons you’ve most likely attended. We will show you REAL martial arts and REAL boxing techniques. Giving you the tools to effectively attack and also defend an opponent. Giving you a little more piece of mind in the event of a real-life self-defence situation.

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