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FROM 13 Years & OVER 

Here’s why our Martial Arts classes are a fantastic alternative to hitting the average gym…

5 reasons to help you decide if Martial Arts is for you…
1. Reduce your stress levels.
2. Increase your self-confidence.
3. You’ll have more energy because you’ll be fitter.
4. Exercise promotes weight loss, so you’ll look and feel great.
5. You’ll meet new people and make new friends.

We’ve helped people like yourself get fighting fit, confident and get in great shape for nearly 20 years!


From your first lesson, you will realise how different one of our lessons can be from your everyday trip to the gym. The release of endorphins into your body from the exciting, new form of exercise you’ve discovered, will leave you aching (literally) for more.


Our adult lessons are great for fitness and of course weight loss. But are unlike a lot of the gym based choreographed ‘aerobic’ and ‘boxercise’ lessons you’ve most likely attended. We will show you REAL martial arts and REAL boxing techniques. Giving you the tools to effectively attack and also defend an opponent. Giving you a little more piece of mind in the event of a real-life self-defence situation.


Whatever your personal reasons are for attending. We can ensure every week will be fun, exciting and contain new techniques you’ll enjoy learning. Of course, you never know what to expect unless you give it a go. So to make things even easier, we will give you your boxing gloves absolutely FREE when you pay for your first 4 lessons with us! We look forward to meeting you.

*NEW FOR 2022....first lesson FREE to see if you like it. You do need to book. 


• Look & Feel Great


• Increased Energy 


• Improve Flexibility


• Stress Reliever  


• Become, Fitter ​  

  • 1st Lesson FREE               


4 kickboxing lessons +  Boxing gloves only £39.99

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