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club RULES


  • Whilst wearing Knee High Ninjas/ Warriors kickboxing attire outside of the club, you are still a representation of our club. Please be aware of your surroundings and represent us in a positive manner at all times. 

  • No fizzy drinks must be brought into the class room at any time, water only please.

  • All food to be consumed in the waiting area, no eating once on the training area. 

  • All pupils belongings should be neatly kept within gym/class room – please keep doorways clear, and ensure valuables are not left unattended. you do so at your own risk. we accept no liability for lost valuables.

  • Please do not leave any of your kit in the class room when you leave. To teach lessons in responsibility, a mandatory 20 push ups/ 30 push ups/ 50 push ups will be given depending on grade/age. This rule also applies if you forget to bring any of your kit. This rule applies to ALL students. No exceptions to the rule. For Black belts, a mandatory 100 push ups applies for the above.

  • Place all rubbish in the bins provided, and leave the class room, changing and waiting areas as you would wish to find them 

  • students must not use the class room without Instructor’s permission

  • No outdoor footwear to be worn on the mats (if you train on mats).



Terms and Conditions


  • Fees are paid monthly (VIA OUR PAYMENT COMPANY GO CARDLESS) and are paid on or before the 1st of the calendar month. 

  • Reimbursements cannot be given if a period of absence occurs, nor can be carried forwards, however if you miss a lesson you will be able to make the lesson up IN THE SAME MONTH we will just need notice of this. A simple text message will suffice.

  • Four weeks’ written notice must be given prior to changing or leaving a class, automatic payments via Go Cardless (our payment company) will be generated until this is actioned. 

  • It is the responsibility of the student/parent to cancel their monthly direct debit if they do not wish to continue their martial arts training with us. 

  • Your monthly tuition fee includes lessons for 48 weeks of the year. We close for two weeks at Christmas. It is at the Instructors discretion wether he/she decides to close for a further 2 weeks. In order to take annual leave during the school holidays. There are 52 weeks in a year. So there are 4 weeks every year you are not charged for. 


        failed payments 

  • a £2 admin charge will be added to any payments which fail when our payment company attempts to take it from your bank account.       we will notify you of the failure and also ask you for a preferable date for the payment to be rescheduled. As to avoid a further £2             charge.

        Club Etiquette and Conduct 

  • Respect towards fellow students and coaching team is expected at all time, failure to do so will result in expulsion from the school. 

  • Support and encouragement of fellow class mates is expected at all times.  

  • All queries and correspondence should be directed to the Instructor in charge of the lesson. Please feel free to book appointments with us if you would like to discuss something confidentially. Again, a simple text message will suffice. We pride ourselves on always being available and always replying to any questions/queries.

  • Due to health and safety, NO Hot drinks in mugs, take out cups with a lid attached only please. 

  • Fast food is not permitted on the premises or in the class rooms/spectators area.

  • We would politely remind parents that we are paid to provide lessons to students. We will not accept rude or disrespectful comments from either parents or students whether these be verbal or written. If you feel you have a valid complaint the correct procedure is to either put it in writing or to request a meeting with the Instructor who’s in charge of that lesson. If we receive a meeting request we will do our best to accommodate this around our classes as soon as possible. We would also like to remind our parents that out of respect we will not tolerate being bad mouthed on our premises to our other customers. Any Parent that does this will not be allowed to wait in our classes and will need to drop their child off at the door. This kind of behaviour detracts from the positive and friendly atmosphere we want to promote within our school, and adversely affects out students.  

  •   On social media we will not stand for comments that clearly target us directly or indirectly, our school or our students. We would prefer to ensure that all problems are dealt with professionally. Where we feel either the school, the coaches, and coaching team or our students are being targeted in this way we will take action which could include legal action or expulsion. Where posts are seen to be of a bullying or negative nature we will also take note of those who support those statements. 

  • Our decisions with regards to when students grade are final and will not be open to discussion. We make all decisions for purely professional reasons and with the interests of our students at heart. Please respect our professional judgment.  

  • Mobile phones are to be turned onto silent in all of our lessons. 

  • Smoking is not permitted on site or immediately outside the building. We kindly ask parents if they wish to smoke, to please do so off site.  


Knee High Ninjas and Warrior Martial Arts  Uniform 

  • Knee High Ninjas and Warrior martial arts uniform should be adhered to at all times, failure to do so will result in non admittance to class. We only allow uniform and ALL equipment to be brought through us, personally or through our website/online shop. During the colder months, we allow PLAIN BLACK SKINS/BASE LAYERS to be worn under uniform.

  • Students must wear the official Warrior Martial Arts uniform in class. Non-associated T-shirts, Tracksuits, Football Tops or other Martial arts attire are NOT allowed. 

  • No jewellery or watches including fitness watches are to be worn, one pair of small stud earrings will be accepted. Any additional piercings must be removed. 

  • All equipment required for class must be brought into the studio at the beginning of the lesson (e.g gloves, belt, leg pads) and should be placed with parents or by the walls. 

  • Hair must be neatly tied back (male or female) . 

  • Please ensure that your person is clean, especially hands & feet, with clean, short finger & toe nails. Please also ensure that body odour (B.O) is something you have under control if you suffer from bad B.O


Attendance and Punctuality   

  • Punctuality is expected, please arrive 10 minutes early before the class starts.  

  • If you are late to a class we do understand, it happens occasionally. However we do expect an apology from you. This ensures we are developing good manners in all of our students. Especially our juniors.


Serious Offences  

  • Serious misconduct will not be tolerated. Theft, or unauthorised possession of properties will result in expulsion.  

  • Possession or trafficking of unauthorised drugs, violence and harassment of others will also result in expulsion. 

  • There is zero tolerance to indirect or/and direct bullying, including that on social media. Posting comments on social networking sites that could be seen to damage the reputation of the school, threatening or intimidating behaviour towards peers will also not be tolerated and could result in suspension or expulsion. 




Sparring is the practise of techniques on another student. always practised under supervision of a coaching team member. And is necessary to achieve your black belt with warriors martial arts/knee high ninjas.

Sparring is only permissible with full official kickboxing protective equipment;


Boxing gloves

Groin guard (men only)

Gum shield

Shin guards

Foot guards (either full boot or instep attached, Venum type guards) 

As stated earlier, all protective equipment MUST be purchased through ourselves via our online shop or ordered for you by your Instructor.


Annual Insurance renewal fee.



Students Insurance expires each year on the 30th September. Please be aware you will be charged £15 per annum, on or around 1st October each year that you continue your training with us. Discounts do apply for multiple family members, as explained in the annual insurance renewal letter. which we send out at the beginning of September every year.


For those students relatively new to us, your training insurance is included for you free of charge when you pay your membership fee. This covers you/your child up until the renewal date. All students expire on the same date every year. This insures we always know our students are covered in an unlikely event of an accident in one of our lessons. 

To save time on admin and make it easier for all of us. Our payment company Go Cardless collect the annual insurance renewal fee which applies to you. On or after the 1st October every year. 

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